We are a Lakonia-based Cooperative working on digital technologies. We try to find ways to help organizations and companies get the best out of them by innovating their digital presence and business processes.

We use open source software as much as possible because we believe technology should be open and shared. We have witnessed the power of open source communities and their ability to overcome problems.

We operate fairly towards clients, collaborators and competitors. We take any precautions available for the privacy and safety of our clients and guarantee the fair use of their data.

We are a CoOp. We believe that the cooperative way of working is more fair, more productive and more fulfilling and we aim to help expand it.

We support Art in every field by building digital projects and physical Festivals because we believe Culture is significant in all peoples lives.

What is a cooperative?

Cooperatives are people-centred enterprises jointly owned and democratically controlled by and for their members to realise their common socio-economic needs and aspirations. As enterprises based on values and principles, they put fairness and equality first allowing people to create sustainable enterprises that generate long-term jobs and prosperity. Managed by producers, users or workers, cooperatives are run according to the ‘one member, one vote’ rule.